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"When I came to Dr. Deming on the recommendation of a friend – a dancer, I had had severe foot pain for months. Initially, I had pain in my right foot following removal of the plate and screws of an old toe fusion. Even after numerous follow-up visits to the orthopedic surgeon, custom orthotics and weeks of physical therapy, the pain persisted. In fact, physical therapy seemed to exacerbate the problem. I had to give up walking for exercise, and just putting weight in the stirrups when I was horseback riding was difficult. As I tried to avoid using my right foot, I began to develop problems with my left foot, and the pain in that foot increased to the point that it was both chronic and severe, interfering with sleeping as well as daytime activities.

When I consulted Dr. Deming for a second opinion, he diagnosed a metatarsal problem in my right foot and demonstrated that my new orthotics were not fitted to my feet. He fashioned a remedial foot pad then and there, which alleviated my pain in the right foot at once – it was amazing! He also offered very useful advice on shoes relative to the problems with my left foot, and even before my new orthotics arrived, I was able to engage pain-free in my usual activities! (I spend hours on my feet every day taking care of my two ponies, so my feet really get a workout!) Riding is comfortable at last, and my husband and I can enjoy our long walks again. I am so grateful to Dr. Deming for his expertise and care. Recently, one of my ponies spooked and stepped hard on my right foot, causing acute pain and swelling.

When I called Dr. Deming’s office, Amy kindly fitted me into the schedule that day. Dr. Deming examined me, arranged for x-rays, and had me back for another consultation, all in the same afternoon (no fractures, hurray!). Finally, the office atmosphere could not be more pleasant. Amy is always cheerful and welcoming, and I have never had to wait long to be seen. I feel so fortunate to have found Dr. Deming – I just wish I had consulted him sooner!" - Natalie R.


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